Occupational Therapy Assistant Guide

Welcome to the OTA Guide, the complete occupational therapy assistant resource. Here you will find all the info you need to complete your occupational therapy education and get licensed as an OTA in your state. Get started with our free state by state OTA resources on: OTA Schools, OTA Licensing,OTA salary data.
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OTA License Requirements & Application Forms

Click on a state to learn the state’s OTA license requirements, download License Applications, Find Occupational Therapy Board contact info, and more.

State OTA License Requirements

In order to work as an OTA in a particular state, an individual must obtain a state license. Therefore, each state offers its own rules and guidelines as well as an application process to receive your Occupational Therapy Assistant License. In general there is an Occupational Therapy Board that oversees all OTA licensing in each state. We have all of the requirements listed for each state as well as application forms and board contact info to make it easy for you to get started on and complete the OTA license application process wherever you are.

All states require that you graduate from an accredited occupational therapist assistant school, go here to find a database of OTA schools. Some schools offer online courses, here is more information regarding online OTA programs.