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Welcome to the OTA Guide, the complete occupational therapy assistant resource. Here you will find all the info you need to complete your occupational therapy education and get licensed as an OTA in your state. Get started with our free state by state OTA resources on: OTA Schools, OTA Licensing,OTA salary data.
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OTA Schools in Indiana, IN

Indiana has 5 OTA programs that are accredited by the ACOTE. Graduating from one of these will be required to take your COTA Exam and obtain your state OTA license. The table below contains the 5 OTA schools in Indiana, click the names to learn more about each program.

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Accredited OTA Schools in Indiana

Accredited OTA Programs in IndianaNext Visitation Date
Brown Mackie College – Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne, IN
Status: Accreditation
Next Visit: Spring 2016
Brown Mackie College – Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN
Status: Accreditation
Next Visit: Spring 2024
Brown Mackie College – Merrillville
Merrillville, IN
Status: Accreditation
Next Visit: Fall 2017
Brown Mackie College – South Bend
South Bend, IN
Status: Accreditation
Next Visit: Spring 2019
University of Southern Indiana
Evansville, IN
Status: Accreditation
Next Visit: Fall 2017

Selecting OTA Schools in Indiana

Below are the most important things to consider when researching and comparing Occupational therapist assistant programs:

  • # of students in the OTA Program
  • Passing-rates of the classes and the COTA Exam
  • Facility, class, and lab quality
  • Total financial aid offered and program expenses
  • Specific criteria for admissions

It is wise to reach out to alumni from each program you are considering. Ask them for feedback on the school and learn more detail from a former student’s perspective. You can also reach out to local health clinics that hire from the OTA program and ask for their feedback of the stuents they have hired and worked with.

More OTA Info for Indiana:

1) Click on any schools below to learn more about their programs
2) Under “Program of Interest” choose “Occupational Therapy Assistant” or another degree of interest