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Welcome to the OTA Guide, the complete occupational therapy assistant resource. Here you will find all the info you need to complete your occupational therapy education and get licensed as an OTA in your state. Get started with our free state by state OTA resources on: OTA Schools, OTA Licensing,OTA salary data.
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OTA Salary in Texas (TX)

OTA Salaries in Texas's Major CitiesAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Texas offers an average OTA salary of $70,950 annually. This is the 2nd highest average annual OTA salary in the US. The national average is $53,240. The data below, taken from private surveys by salary.com, presents a wide range of OTA salaries in Texas ranging from $42,436 to $54,341. Texas is home to a few of the highest paying U.S. cities for OTA salaries such as Tyler, El Paso, and Fort Worth.

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Texas Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant Salaries by City

Texas City
Annual Median OTA Salary
Abilene, TX$48,113
Austin, TX$52,035
Dallas, TX$54,325
El Paso, TX$45,456
Fort Worth, TX$53,191
Houston, TX$54,341
San Antonio, TX$50,684
Lubbock, TX$42,436
Plano, TX$54,325
Round Rock, TX$52,035
McAllen, TX$45,828
Galveston, TX$50,495
Amarillo, TX$47,168

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