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OTA Salary in Connecticut (CT)

OTA Salaries in Connecticut's Major CitiesAccording to the BLS, the average OTA salary in Connecticut is $60,950 which is above the national average OTA Salary of $53,240. The data below is from private surveys taken by salary.com and reflects some of the average OTA salaries across major cities in Connecticut.

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Connecticut Median OTA Salaries by Major City

Connecticut CityAnnual Median OTA Salary
Bridgeport, CT$59,948
Bristol, CT$56,551
Danbury, CT$59,948
East Hartford, CT$56,561
Fairfield, CT$59,948
Greenwich, CT$60,424
Hamden, CT$59,948
Hartford, CT$56,561
Manchester, CT$56,561
Meriden, CT$56,561
Milford, CT$59,948

Data comes from private surveys taken by salary.com

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