Occupational Therapy Assistant Guide

Welcome to the OTA Guide, the complete occupational therapy assistant resource. Here you will find all the info you need to complete your occupational therapy education and get licensed as an OTA in your state. Get started with our free state by state OTA resources on: OTA Schools, OTA Licensing,OTA salary data.
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COTA Salaries in the Top 10 Most Popular Cities

Ever wonder which cities in the U.S. are the most popular cities for certified occupational therapy assistants to work in? Or how much salary OTAs earn in these cities?We used Payscale and Salary.com to collect salary data and determine this list of the top 10 most popular cities for COTA professionals to work in.The following criteria was gathered in determining popularity of a city for ... READ MORE

Free Occupational Therapy Resume Template & Tips to Get Hired

It is no secret that job opportunities for OTR and COTA professionals are growing rapidly. (27% job growth for OTR and 40% job growth for COTA when the US average is 7%)But creating the perfect occupational therapy resume to land these job opportunities - still seems to be a secret.After reviewing hundreds of OT resumes for OTR and COTA professionals, we put together this article ... READ MORE

5 Occupational Therapy Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

Pinterest isn't just a time suck for having fun here and there with your downtime. You can actually be a productive OT or OTA on Pinterest. There are all sorts of really insightful pins for the occupational therapy world.From pins sharing different occupational therapy tools you can create for under $1, to the latest OT Industry News, to pins explaining various medical conditions that require ... READ MORE